How I Met Penny Bright

I am a young mother and I.T. professional who accidentally became an activist in October of 2011 by supporting Occupy Auckland and attending General Assemblies.

Unmissable at said assemblies was Penny Bright.

I initially took her self-professed achievements and causes at face value and supported her. Until I witnessed her attack, slander, libel and manipulate a string of occupiers and as member of the Occupy Auckland Media Team and as the registrar of the Media Team blog I inevitably became one of her targets.

I witnessed her brag of setting her “private investigator ex-Police prosecutor friend” on various Occupiers. After she then undertook a public campaign of creating media that slandered Occupy and a host of other movements and notable activists, the Occupy Auckland Media Team collectively responded to her by writing an article about their experiences of her.

As I was the registrar of the domain that published that article Penny attempted to hold me solely and personally liable. Except instead of pursuing me in the courts (because the evidence vastly outweighs her) she instead, in concert with her private investigator, Grace Haden, embarked on a 10-month long campaign of stalking myself, and dragging in my minor children, ex-partner, and of all people accountant, into her mud-slinging.

After unsolicited and aggressive visits from Grace Haden that were extremely disturbing to myself and my children, followed by the publishing of my children’s home address and contact details, I filed police and Privacy Commission complaints, and had Grace Haden trespassed from my property. Telecom took action against Grace Haden after establishing and documenting a pattern of malicious and persistent unsolicited calling behaviour from her to my home phone number.

Grace Haden claimed her actions were in affront at a reference in Occupy Auckland’s article about her having investigated Occupiers, an idea first circulated by her friend Penny. So she apparently decided the best way to disprove she had been investigating Occupiers was by investigating Occupiers.

As promised in Grace’s emails, Penny began to openly and routinely accost me at protest actions and demonstrations; interfering with my Media Team duties and slandering me loudly and publicly; creating ridiculous scenes that have the ultimate effect of off-putting those nearby and preventing legitimate connections being made. Indeed at a recent community hall meeting both Penny and Grace physically positioned themselves between myself and of all people, Kim Dotcom, screeching loud insults about me and preventing me from interviewing him.

Documents crafted by their own hands show Penny and Grace have admitted publishing my family’s personal information, along with concocted falsehoods about me, on the internet. Therefore I am creating this site as a central resource to pool all the evidence I have into one place, to better progress with seeking immediate legal restraint and remedy against Penelope Mary Bright and Grace Haden.

What follows will illustrate precisely the poison they’ve been up to and give some hint as to the scale of it – which appears to span decades prior to my ever knowing them and they appear to potentially have dozens of victims.

It is time these bullies were stopped and the fact that they have violated the privacy of minor children in the course of their crimes further exacerbates their complete lack of personal integrity.

I could return the favour and print their private residential addresses and contact information on this site however on principle will not. If required by a Court I will remove this site but its intended purpose is to aggregate the supplementary information requested by legal commissions in pursuit of active inquiry and to show affected parties and members of the public web-searching my name for legitimate reasons that there is another side to the story than what has wrongfully been published about me.

All files are available for download to that end.

Thank you and I appreciate your support in obtaining a tiny piece of justice and hopefully the end of Penny Bright and Grace Haden’s interference in the lives of innocent peace activists and democratic protestors.